Contemporary and whimsical kiln-formed glass Peace Poles. Bright, positive and meaningful mementos are displayed throughout the Peace Pole. From expressions carefully crafted and formed on its panels, to the white soaring dove symbolizing freedom and tranquility, the Peace Pole brings a breath of fresh air, inspiration and hope for Peace on Earth.

The first traditional Peace Pole was created by Japanese artist Masahisa Goi, and has been furthered by the World Peace Prayer Society. Each side of the traditional Peace Pole displays “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in different languages. Since the creation of the first Peace Pole, more than 100,00 inspired sculptures have been placed around thee world in very prominent locations and are represented in over 180 different countries.

“More Than Just A Traditional Peace Pole”
“May Peace Prevail on Earth” in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Hebrew on each panel.
On the English panel, the red heart was created to symbolize love while the black and white streams encompass equality by having individual forms mold together as one. The Spanish panel has rainbow colors symbolizing tolerance in the LGBT community and the multi colored faces represent diversity. The flower on the Mandarin panel demonstrates beauty. The yin and yang embedded inside describes how opposite forces are complimentary and interconnected. The swirls on the Hebrew panel represent movement through experience and life. The Hamsa, a palm shaped annulet, symbolizes the hand of God and in all faiths, is a protective sign. The white dove is a symbol of peace and hope.

“Live Peace”
Each panel on this Peace Pole represents living with peace.
On each side of the “Welcome Peace In Your Home and Heart” panel, the fused glass weave symbolizes the unity and working together for a world at peace. “Peace For our Children” panel is surrounded by colorful faces showing the coexistence of children from all backgrounds. “Live Peace, Respect Peace, Love” has a trim of many colors blended together to form beauty, the oneness of humanity, and our common wish for a world at peace. The “Peace and Harmony” on a piano represents song and joyfulness.